Slum Survivor

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Do you want to have your hearts captured?

Do  you want to do some thing that has real and lasting significance to other people’s lives?

And do you want to do it with your friends?

Did you join us for Slum Survivor from the 25th – 26th October 2015?

WHO WAS IT FOR?: This was a call for all of us young and old to do some thing different and challenging and fun – the body of Christ from Holy Trinity and St Catherine’s, together. Fast Forward and United Soul Mates (USM) did it with some adults.

WHEN & WHAT: On Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th of October we built a slum village right here in the wood by our parish hall. We spent the night in our hand built shelters, we cooked our dinner on small gas stoves, we used only one tap and one toilet for us all so we could glimpse for 24 hours what a billion people have to live like for all their lives.

There were games and challenges and fun during the day and star gazing at night, then service for both churches to share in on the Sunday morning.

We wanted to raise money too so we set a target as a whole church and raised it together through sponsorship.

WHY: We are God’s hands and feet on earth, we live in one of the most beautiful places in Birmingham, and we are so blessed, for just 24 hours we can have our hearts captures, perhaps our lives changed by putting the poor first and learning whats its like to “Spend a few days the way a billion spend a life time”

Watch the video here