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Safeguarding within our Parish

Lickey and Blackwell Parochial Church Council attach great importance to the care and protection of our children, young people and vulnerable adults. We recognise our responsibility to guard against the possible abuse of children and young people and affirm these principles by the adoption of our parish policy “Privileges and Responsibilities of Working with Children” which is collated from and in accordance with the House of Bishops safeguarding policy, Birmingham Diocesan Policy on Child Protection from Drug Abuse and ‘Gods Children’ – Our Diocese, the policy for the Diocese of Birmingham to protect and promote the interest of children and young people.

If you have any concerns regarding safeguarding please contact our Parish Safeguarding Co-ordinator, Emma Armstrong on 07981 477423.


St Caths Sun School LogoA group for children who come along with their   parents to the 9am service on Sunday mornings at St Catherines. They meet in the Wheel, which is the round building attached to the church, where they spend time engaging with God through play, craft, stories and music – totally tailored to the needs of the children.

For more information please contact Debbie Wilson on

Where: St Catherine’s Church, Blackwell.  When: 9am-10:30am Sundays during term time

HT Sunday Club LogoOur Sunday Club meets on a Sunday morning during the 10:30am service at Holy Trinity.

Its for school aged children from 7 yrs onwards.

We know a big age group but we are more like a little family. We get together to study the bible in ways that are accessible to all of us including food, games as well as more reflective styles of learning. The older young people are a wonderful example to our growing children, and the children remind the young people of how God loves to play.

For more information please contact Erin on 0121 624 2202 or email:

Where: Holy Trinity Church, Lickey.  When: 10:30am-12pm Sundays during term time


We are a group that meets during the 10:30 service on Sunday mornings at Holy Trinity for children aged 2 – 6 yrs. Through play, singing, food, stories and craft we learn and experience God for ourselves and come home with stickers and crafts to continue our learning throughout the week.

For more information please contact Erin on 

Where: Holy Trinity Church, Lickey  When: 10:30am-12pm Sundays during term time

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Once a month we have a service at Holy Trinity where everyone is all together! Whatever age you are you will be able to engage with God through worship, prayer and bible study, but all with a twist and a fresh approach to being church together.

There are no children’s groups on Engage Sundays and the service lasts for 45 minutes followed by homemade cakes and real coffee giving us all a chance to chat and catch up with each other.

Where: Holy Trinity Church, Lickey.  When: 10:30am-12pm Every 2nd Sunday during term time

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Tiny Church is a group that meets in Holy Trinity on Wednesday mornings. We welcome all babies and toddlers, provided they bring their carers along too!! Come along and enjoy fun and fellowship together where tiny people have the opportunity to meet and play together, enjoy a snack, and have lots of fun, while the adults can chat over a cup of coffee or tea and cake.  A chance to share tips and make friends.

The session ends with a simple story and lively singing with instruments where we all learn just how much our God loves us.  There is a small charge for this group.

If you would like to know more, please contact Clive Rushton on  Where: Holy Trinity Church, Lickey. 

                                                                                                   When: 11.15am to 12.45pm during term time.

Fast Forward LogoA  group of young people from school years 9-13 who meet once or twice a month in the crypt at Holy Trinity.

We eat cake, play games but more importantly are a little community that supports and encourages each other in our relationship with God and in how we face life with its ups and downs. Our evenings consist of studying the bible and our culture, and discussing how those two things meet, as well as once a month events such as bonfire nights, bowling, and movable feasts!

                                                                 Where: Holy Trinity  Church Crypt  When: 6.30pm to 8pm Sunday during term time. See “A church Near You” for definite dates

United Soulmates LogoA  group of young people, school years 6-8, who meet once or twice a month in the crypt at Holy Trinity.

They get together to look at what God and the bible can say to us today through the use of games and films and food.

Feel free to contact Dave Gidney if you want to find out more.

Where: Holy Trinity Church Crypt  When: 6:30pm-8pm Sunday during term time.  See “A Church Near You” for definite dates.