Prayer focus for January:

Loving God, thank you that you make all things new.  We give you thanks for all that you have brought into our lives in the past year; the good things which have caused us to rejoice and the hard things which have helped us to learn to rely on you and caused us to grow.  We pray that your Spirit will lead us as individuals and as a body of your people in this new year: we ask that you will guide our decisions and deepen our desire to follow you in all things.  May the fruit of your Spirit be evident in our lives, may we make a difference in this world for your glory and purposes.  Amen

Weekly Prayer Focus: 

We pray for Heather and for her work with CMS and the Rehema project, giving thanks for the incredible relationships that have been forged with link churches. Thank God also for the many individuals and link churches who support the Rehma Project in so many ways  and the work which Heather and her team do. We pray for Mode, Grace and Flora as they take on additional responsibilities looking after the café, workshop and local food outlet whilst Heather is away.

Vicar: Revd Sheri Gidney.   The Vicarage, 30 Lickey Square, B45 8HB   0121 445 1185 sherigidney@gmail.com  

Sheri’s Rest Day is usually a Tuesday

Church Office: Trinity Centre, Lickey, B45 8ES.  Monday & Thursday

Please note the new office opening hours have changed to 9:30am – 12:30pm Monday and Thursday, if you need to pop into the office, please do so during these times. Kindly note that Sandra works outside of these hours

Tel: 0121 445 1425   lickeyoffice@bt internet.com  www.holytrinitystcaths.org.uk 

Everyday faith: How can you find and follow God in your everyday life as we begin 2020? A Church of England campaign starting on Sunday 12 January 2020 (Plough Sunday). Receive 21 days of reflections and prayers. It includes real life stories of how others have found God at work in their lives, and a simple pattern of prayer to help you pause and be aware of God.   Info @churchofengland.org

Help Needed Prayer Spaces in Lickey School:  We have been invited by the school to run a week of prayer activities 2nd – 6th March. Dave Gidney will be planning and leading this event but needs your help.  He needs at least three DBS’d adults with him each day from 9am – 3pm. (Do volunteer for half days if that is easier). Please email Sheri if you can help sherigidney@gmail.com

Coming soon for 2020

A Short Bible Course. ‘Six Weeks In….’

For those who have signed up, Dave Gidney’s   ‘Six Weeks In Daniel’ course will run from 13th January – 17th February Mondays 1:30pm – 3pm at the Vicarage. Please bring your Bible with you. davegidney@cww.org.uk0121 445 1185

Alpha, a Christian Basics Course will be running from on Wednesday evenings from 22nd January – 25th March 2020, 8pm – 9:30pm. Please be thinking about who you might like to invite and if you would like to come along to participate or to facilitate discussion. Please chat to Sheri. 


Our new group is a joint venture between our Parish and the Parish of Cofton Hackett and Barnt Green. A monthly group offering friendly mutual support over a cup of tea. You don’t need to be a church member to be part of the group but we will end our time together with a short service with space to remember our loved ones together. We will meet from 10:30am – 12noon on the third Monday of each month at Holy Trinity. Invitations are available. Do be considering who you might like to invite. Please speak to Sheri, Christine Allen or Maggie Forknell for more information. 

SIGNIFICANT CHANGES TO BAPTISM:  For a number of reasons including to serve our families better and to comply with C of E policy our Baptism Team proposed and PCC approved that our Baptisms will be returning to within our main services. From January 2020 Baptisms will be offered to one family on the second Sunday in the month as part of the 9am service at St Catherine’s and on the third Sunday in the month as part of the 10:30am service at Holy Trinity. Please chat with Sheri if you would like to know more

Baptism / Wedding Enquiries. We are also changing the way that we handle initial enquiries for Baptisms and Weddings for both Holy Trinity and St Catherine’s. From now on we will be moving to a monthly drop in held at The Wheel. Please direct any future enquiries to the drop in where the couples can meet Sheri and Sandra to begin the conversation.

Saturday 18th January 4pm – 5pm,

Saturday 8th February 4pm – 5pm.

HAMLIN FISTULA: Knitting Instruction sheets are at the back of our churches. We are asked that if possible we send completed blankets rather than loose squares.  Please continue knitting!  Your support is greatly appreciated. The need is unending!  Peter & Olga Jackson

BIRMINGHAM CITY MISSION USED STAMPS APPEAL  This is ongoing so please save any USED stamps and put them in the labelled collection box at the back of each church. They will be passed on to BCM to raise funds to help people in need. Thank you.


Simeon: by Roger Jones.  CMM Choir are performing Simeon at Longbridge Extracare Village on Sunday 26th January at 6.00p.m. All are Welcome

Vision Day for Everyone – Saturday 29th February 2020 

1. The church vision day is for everyone, Please sign up for the church vision day, there will be groups for children too, please book them in.

2. You should have received an email from Sheri this week regarding the Church Vision Day. If you haven’t and are on email, to save paper please send her an email requesting a copy sherigidney@gmail.com If you are not on email, please collect a copy of the documents from the back of church.

Worship WorkshopA practical day for the whole congregation, led by Roger Jones and Helen Pollard of Christian Music Ministries – Saturday 14th March – 10.30am – 4pm in the Trinity Centre.  Being a worshipper – Understanding praise – Blending ancient & modern – Singing new songs.  Booking Forms from CMM (or Roger and Mary Jones) – office@cmm.org.uk or 01527 576440

APRIL 2021:– JOINT WEEKEND AWAY: with the parish of Cofton Hackett and Barnt Green, 16 – 18th April 2021 to Hothorpe Hall in Leicestershire.  Aorund an hour’s drive away, accommodation is hotel standard and the same venue as the weekend in 2019. Would youy like to join the planning team? Please speak to Sheri.