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Monthly Prayer: – This month we pray the prayer which thousands of people across the world will be praying during the ‘Thy Kingdom Come’, prayer initiative and which will be at the heart of every event. Almighty God, your ascended Son has sent us into the world to preach the good news of your kingdom: inspire us with your Spirit and fill our hearts with the fire of your love, that all who hear your Word may be drawn to you, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

Weekly Prayer Focus:

We pray for Margaret and Darrell as they prepare to leave our parish. We give thanks for Margaret’s leadership, faithfulness, encouragement and friendship and for the support Darrell has given. We pray that during the next few months whilst they are on sabbatical, they will find time to reflect on your goodness, have peace in their lives and be ready to listen to your plans for their future using their many gifts. Protect them Lord, give them strength, healing and happiness in all they strive to do in your name and walk along side them as they continue their journey of faith. Amen

PCC update
At the recent statuary ‘Section 11’ meeting we made a number of decisions to take us forward in the process of seeking a new vicar.
1. Keith Parsons and Maggie Forknell were elected to be our representatives to meet with potential candidates and to serve on the interview panel.
2. We confirmed that we will continue to be open to a new vicar of either gender.
3. We confirmed that the production of the Parish Statement will be coordinated by Maggie Forknell.  Contributions about all aspects of our church life are being gathered.  All members of our congregations are invited to contact Maggie or one of the wardens if they would like to give information and have not already been contacted. 
We thank God that our meeting resulted in good decisions.

Thursday Evening Prayer: 7- 8pm Holy Trinity, Lickey – everyone is welcome to join us for prayer. Please come to the chancel if you wish to join the group but you may wish to simply come into the congregation space and pray silently. We do not want anyone to be excluded. It is your church to seek God in the way that best suits you.  This week’s prayer will be specifically directed towards considering the church’s future as we start the process of choosing and selecting a new Vicar.


Since our last delivery to the charity head office just over a month ago, we are happy to report taking them another consignment of knitted goods from our two churches and also from supporters at Primrose Hospice – as follows:

Baby blankets – 7     Cardigans – 13     6” knitted squares – 42

6” crotched squares   44        Cash donations                       £17

That represents a lot of knitting! Thanks to all involved and please keep it up!   Peter & Olga



Jail Break

Roger Jones’ Musical – Saturday 1st July at Holy Trinity Lickey 7.00p.m.

The musical tellls the story of Paul in Philippi praying to God and singing hymns when there is a violent earthquake that shook the foundations of the prison.  The musical is conducted by Annie Routley and performed by the CMM choir.  There is no charge for admission, there will be a retiring collection.  Bring you friends along.  Refreshments will be served after the performance.

  Cath Walker will be ordained on 2nd July at Birmingham Cathedral at 11am. If you would like tickets, please contact Cath on 07803718776. There will be an open house gathering afterwards at Southam Drive, Boldmere, Sutton Coldfield.  Prayers for the whole family as they prepare for the move would be greatly appreciated. 



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