Monthly Prayer Focus:

Loving God, help us to remember, care for and support all those who are going through times of stress and change. For young people taking exams and making important  decisions affecting their future; for those whose health is forcing change upon them; for those who have lost a loved one and have to adapt to life without them; for those whose work life has changed; for those who are moving home. Help us to hold them in our prayers before you for Jesus Christ’s sake.   Amen

Weekly Prayer Focus:  

Risen Lord Jesus, help us to recognise you when you meet with us in our daily lives; help us to be confident in knowing, loving and serving you this week.  Amen

Installation and Licensing our new Vicar:  Further to the announcement of the appointment of Sheri Gidney as the new vicar of Holy Trinity, the Lickey with St. Catherine, Blackwell, Bishop David’s office is now planning the Installation and Licensing ceremony. Clearly, this requires both planning of the service and coordination of diaries of those involved in order to set a date. We will provide further details as soon as a date is known. Meanwhile, we have reviewed the condition of the Vicarage and are progressing with a plan to complete work on both the house and garden: more information will follow. Best regards to all, Keith and Maggie

CHRISTIAN AID WEEK  12-18 MAY    House to house collections bring in a large proportion of fundraising and we would welcome new volunteers for this. However, if you feel that you can ONLY DELIVER envelopes and can’t pick them up, the envelopes now contain a space for you to let supporters know where they can drop off their Christian Aid contributions (either your home or the Church Centre letter box) If you can take just a small number for your immediate neighbours it will really help. If you are interested please see Sue Davies or phone 07961382985

MALAWI CONTAINER: Help needed on 18th May  for transporting the Malawi boxes to the container to just off junction 9 of the M42 (time to be confirmed) If you are able to help please contact Gill Edwards 0121 445 4597 . Thank you

FOOD BANK AT ST. ANNE’S WEST HEATH: An Extra Tube of Tooth Paste: As part of my job, I visit churches across the Diocese, and last week I visited St. Anne’s, West Heath. There, they run a small local food bank and I was so impressed by their love for the local community and the way they try to serve them. They told me they are struggling to source toiletries to give out, anything from toothbrushes to shower gel, both male and female. When you do a shop this week and you top up your bathroom bits, could you add an extra tube of toothpaste or a new pair of socks and bring them with you to church with you on Sundays and pop them in the box at the back of Holy Trinity Church labelled St. Anne’s, or drop them into the office labelled St. Anne’s and it will find its way to me. This is a church in our Deanery and they need our help – can we pull together as the family of God to help them serve those who have so little in their local community. For more information please come and talk to me – Emma Sargeant 


Jane, who cleans Heather’s house, arrived in tears.  Her husband had died, leaving her, her four adult children and a small grandchild to rely on Jane’s small wage.  Then her landlord had evicted them. Jane had been searching in vain for a suitable two room home for her family.  Heather felt guilty to have a large comfortable home with two spare bedrooms. On top of that she had just taken on a rental property five miles away, to be developed into an Airbnb.  It seemed so unjust.  We dried our tears and  went to see Mama Margi, a sensible neighbour, and unofficial matriarch of the village. Sure enough, she knew someone who could offer Jane and her children temporary accommodation for two months. The Rehema Assistance programme stepped up and paid the rent, and for their belongings to be collected and transported to the new home. Fortunately Jane had been able to squirrel some of her Rehema wages away over the years, and two years ago had bought a plot of land and about 300 bricks.  Now the pressure is on to build a basic house in the next two months. However Rehema has given her a loan to get started. Please pray with thanks for the temporary solutions for Jane, and pray that the building work will be done quickly and well. And pray that Heather keeps well and does not catch TB


MEN”S BREAKFAST SATURDAY 18th MAY – KINGS NORTON GOLF CLUB 7.45 – 09.30am £10.00 Admission (£5.00 if it is your first time) Speaker Chris McKeogh. Title “Reaching a verdict”. Chris is the Deputy Director at the National Crime Agency and has spent his working life looking at evidence and using it to make judgements – some of which have life and death consequences. He has used the same approach when looking at the Christian faith. Does it stack up? Can I trust it? Chris, coming from a family with no faith, reached the conclusion that the evidence for God and the Christian faith stood up to tough scrutiny.

QUIZ NIGHT MEDIC MALAWI FUNDRAISER: 18TH May at 7pm in the Parish Centre, Barnt Green. Tickets £3. More details from Rosemary Aveyard 07981962574

Sunday Club Social – Sunday 19th May
Sunday Club are having a social on Sunday 19th May straight after the 10:30 service at Holy Trinity. We will walk into the Lickey Hills  Country Park from church and have a picnic together on the grass by the Play Park. Then after the children have played in the play park (if they wish to) we will play a few games and have a short walk together. Sunday Club is now age 7+ but anyone is welcome to join us.  Please feel free to invite friends, family or neighbours to come and join us, especially if they have children or grandchildren of Sunday  Club age. It’s probably easier if we all bring our own food and drink.If you have blankets you could bring or chairs, if you need them, that would be great. Please could you RSVP to help us in organising games.  Erin & the Sunday Club Team   Email: erinjames@onetel.com

THE BIG PARTY  on June 22nd is to celebrate a milestone for Alison, Gill, Clive and Marlene.  All the church family are welcome, the event will be ticketed to help with catering.  Tickets available from Sunday 28th April.