Interregnum Prayer:

Loving God we pray that, with the help of your Holy Spirit, we may remain faithful in seeking your will for our future in this parish.  Help us to be united in prayer and purpose; faithful and loving in service to you and to one another, through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen

Weekly Prayer Focus:

Loving Lord Jesus, help us so to thirst for you and seek you that we find you in our everyday lives, that we see your hand in everything and that we find ourselves rejoicing in knowing, loving and serving you and bearing fruit for your kingdom.  Amen


Every six years a new electoral roll is prepared for the parish.  Even if you have previously completed an application form, it is necessary to complete a new one this year if you wish your name to appear on the Parish Electoral Roll. If you consider yourself to be a member of either Holy Trinity Church, Lickey or St. Catherine’s Church,  Blackwell and have regularly attended church over the past six months and are aged over 16 then  you are eligible to add your name to the electoral roll of the parish.  Application forms are at the back of church and when completed should be handed to either Keith or Marlene Parsons, Nick Forknell or Sandra Smith before 30th March. Please ask any of these people if you need help in completing the form.  If you do not complete a form then you will not be eligible to stand for elected offices or to vote at the Annual Parochial Church Meeting which will be held in Holy Trinity Church on Sunday 28th April after a shortened morning service.

Recruitment Update

Through interim Archdeacon Julian Francis, Bishop David has proposed that we interview a potential candidate for our parish vacancy. The interview will be on 10th April and we ask that you pray for the candidate and all those involved in the interview process in the run up to and during the interview. You will appreciate that, at this stage, we are unable to name the interviewee. Maggie and I, as your Parish Representatives, will give you an update following the interview and will provide as much detail as possible at that stage. Keith and Maggie

WORLD DAY OF PRAYER:  After a very successful service at Holy Trinity on 1st March, we shall be holding next year’s service at St Catherine’s.   Is there a willing person to take on the very small amount of work which will be involved?  The service is all planned, so our neighbouring churches just need to be invited to attend.  Thanks you, Christine Allen.

MALAWI CONTAINER: This years container leaves for Malawi on the 18th May and I am collecting any Medical items/equipment or Medical training books for nursing or consultants,  sewing or knitting equipment and materials, educational items, bibles, clothes and shoes and also this year I have been asked by the Bishop in the northern Diocese in Malawi for any second hand brass band instruments. If you can help please contact Gill Edwards 0121 445 5397


Heather loves the ladies who work at the Rehema project, and when she realised that not one of them had ever visited the Serengeti National Park, although it is only two hours away, she wondered how she could arrange for them to go.   She could not use Rehema funds for a ‘jolly’, so she during the year she scrimped and saved from her own money.

After a Thanksgiving celebration to say thank you to God for the many blessings he has bestowed on them all at the project, and for her to thank them for all their hard work, they piled into a bright yellow school bus hired for the day, and set off noisily, full of excitement.  Every animal we saw was met with such enthusiam and rapture they drew more than a little attention.  Tourists in their fancy safari vehicles gave them a wide berth in case they frightened the animals away.  But the wary leopards and cheetahs were the only things they did not see.  We were lucky enough to see just about everything else.  The day ended with another wonderful worship session.

Bless you, Heather, for your care.

Would you like a Kenyan Adventure this Summer? 

Join a team (7 so far) from St Andrew’s Barnt Green and Knowle Parish Church for two weeks in July. Serving with www.icfem-mission.org use life long skills or gain experience for your CV in education, medicene, business, international development, finance, agriculture, project management and mission. Come and have your faith deepened and your heart warmed and challenged. You need to be at least 18yrs or bring your grown up with you! Sheri and Rachel Gidney are leading the team please be in touch with them to find out all about the trip. 0121 238 7912.

Easter Cards are now available at the back of church.  They are £1.00 each, please put the money in the brown box on the card stand thank you.  Money goes to church funds.



‘Our first two series of Mosaic have been very encouraging to us all.  So far we’ve studied three paintings and enjoyed sharing poetry, extracts of literature, our own thoughts and responses together with music to which the art work has given rise.  In addition to learning about the subject matter of the paintings we’re discovering new ways of viewing and engaging with artwork in general.  A few participants have written and shared their own poetry, some first time writers, and this has enriched our appreciation of the paintings and each other’s perspectives. For further information please contact Maureen (revmodew@btinternet.com – 07546903908 or Maggie  )We’re looking forward to our next three sessions – details below – please come and join us.’ 8th April at The Wheel, St. Catherine’s, Blackwell.  The date of the third session will be set later with the group participants.  We’ve changed the time of the meeting to 2.00pm/3.30pm. This is because as a few people were interested but couldn’t do Monday or other evenings. Everyone is welcome.

Wildfire musical at St. Stephen’s Rednal

Members of St Stephen’s Church, Edgewood Road, Rednal, B45 8SG invite us to join them for a performance of Roger Jones’ musical ‘’Wildfire’’, (which portrays the story of St. Stephen) on Saturday 23rd March at 4.00pm.  Admission is free, with a retiring collection.  Please see the posters at the back of both our churches.  If anyone would like to join the choir for this performance, please contact Libby straight away for details of rehearsals.

The Trinity Centre is hosting a TABLE TOP SALE on Saturday 30th March from 11.00AM – 2.00PM.  Light refreshments will be available.  Tables are £10.00 each. Please could we have donations of cakes and biscuits to sell and have with coffee. To book a table please phone Alison on 0121 4456170

THE BIG PARTY  on June 22nd is to celebrate a milestone for Alison, Gill, Clive and Marlene.  All the church family are welcome, the event will be ticketed to help with catering.  Tickets available from Sunday 28th April.